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Welcome to our Health Education and Consulting Company. We specialize in CPR, AED and First Aid Courses... and we are also a distributor of the ZOLL AED Plus! We meet the needs of office-based physicians, corporations, community organizations, and individuals in search of health education or a Public Access to Defibrillation Program (AEDs). We've grown by focusing on our core strengths, ensuring that you receive exceptional customer service and the highest quality of health instruction.

Simply call one of our friendly trained customer service representatives and discuss your needs. We will work with you to decide which course or AED product best suits your needs. Our instructors are engaging and well-prepared, and we ensure that your educational experience will be of the highest quality. If you have a concern that our customer service representative cannot answer, one of our staff will be happy to consult with you. Call or e-mail us today.

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the single greatest cause of death in the United States? Every year more than 480,000 adults die of a heart attack.. About half of these deaths are a result of SCA or sudden cardiac arrest. Statistically, every 2 minutes, a person goes into SCA, only 3-5% survive. EARLY DEFIBRILLATION is the key. Defibrillation delivers an electric current (shock) to the heart to stop abnormal electrical activity. Remember... SCA can strike anyone, thus, AED's should be everywhere.


Health Quest, Inc. can provide assistance to set up our “ PAD SUPPORT PROGRAM,” created to help you place The ZOLL AED PLUS in your facility. From its unique color to its graphic interface, the ZOLL AED PLUS helps make the user comfortable by guiding them through all of the steps of a rescue procedure.

One of the most unique features of the AED PLUS is the patented CPR-D Padz system. A unique one piece pad insures proper placement and the “chest puck” on the pad actually monitors depth of compression during CPR, while a voice prompt encourages “push harder” if necessary or “good compressions” when done properly. Another special feature is a built in accelerometer, which will begin sending audible beeps at the desired CPR compression rate.

There are many individuals, companies and locations that want to acquire an AED, but have been deterred by cost and implementation confusion. The AED PLUS Unit plus 2 sets of Padz is available for under $2,000. The staff at Health Quest works closely with our clients to provide AED training, as well as medical direction and operational support to our clients. Visit our AED page to learn more!